Vegetarian & Vegan Eats in Boston

We are very lucky here in Boston to have such a wide variety of food offerings. I mean, if ever I wanted drunken noodles and a Thanksgiving sandwich I could easily have both without having to divert too far off my normal commute path. Boston does a great job when it comes to being inclusive of all dietary choices (and allergies!), and plant-based diners are no exception.

Though I am still technically in the "meat-eater" category, over the past few months I have taken a good, hard look at the way I eat and how it impacts both my personal health and the health of the environment. Back in November I was researching recipes to bring to Thanksgiving for my vegetarian sister, and came across this vegan stuffing video on the hot for food YouTube channel. I'll admit: I fell deep, deep down the rabbit hole. I had never seen vegan recipes made so accessible; and on top of that I hadn't encountered any vegans who were just so.... matter-of-fact.

I began to take a real interest in the availability of vegetarian and vegan options that would be available to me, should I decide to pull the trigger and go full-veg. To add to that, I work in hospitality and the questions comes up fairly often about where guests can find vegetarian and vegan options... so the map was born!

A few notes:

  • This map does not include all available options, but it does include many.
  • Green = dedicated vegan
  • Blue = vegetarian/vegan friendly (or dedicated vegetarian)
  • Pink = coffee shops/sweet treat places with vegan/dairy-free options
  • There are a handful of chains included, with multiple branches noted in the map
  • While I have not been to all of these places, I've been to all the chains and a food few of the others.

If you're visiting Boston, check out my articles on Seeing Boston on a Budget and The 9 Realities of Being in Boston! Feel free to reach out in the comments or via Twitter with any questions!

  • Have you tried any of the restaurants in the map?
  • What about where you're from? Are there available options for different dietary styles?
  • Have you ever visited a place that simply could not or would not accommodate your preference or allergy?

Katie Dickinson

I'm an avid traveler, who picked up this wonderful addiction while living and teaching in South Korea, and being able to travel everysix months.  Now back in the states, I've started feeling antsy and trapped, so I decided to spend 2016 visiting some popular US destination cities.... all on a non-profit worker's salary! It really is possible to travel on a budget, the key is knowing how!