How To Break The News: "Mom.... I'm a Blogger"

6 ways to break it to your friends and family that you've been hiding this little secret from them...

So you've decided its time to finally tell your family? That's great! I really commend you on the brave decision to share not only your site, but your carefully created content with your loved ones. Admitting to your closest friends and family that you're a blogger- and you've been a blogger for a while now- can be difficult. Here are a few tips about approaching the subject.

1. Post links on Facebook...... without a contextualizing comment.

This approach gently introduces your content to them without the anxiety of having to craft an intro. You put it out there and it's their choice to read or not. If your site title is carefully chosen, they may not even know that it's your work until they're already a fan and clicking through the site.

2. Sit them down and tell them.

This approach is not for the timid. Calling your parents/siblings/lover to the living room, sitting them down in dramatic fashion, and breaking the news face-to-face is scary. Doing it in this way offers the chance to put it all out on the table: How long have you been at this? Why? What is your plan for monetizing? You would be wise to anticipate the big questions and prepare some intelligent replies.

3. Blindside them.

The beauty of this approach is that there really is no dramatic lead-up. You can drop the bomb at any time. My suggestion would be while they're in the bathroom. Wait until the shower is on or they're situated on the toilet.... then knock to ensure their attention... and blurt. They'll take the time they need to process, probably check our your site, and then come to you to talk it out in their own time.

4. Start a rumor or leave your page open on their computer/phone/tablet.

This takes the burden off you, and puts it on them to ask you about the blog. They'll have an opportunity to read, process, and approach when they feel comfortable.

5. Don't.

You don't have to tell them. Just live your life and if it come up, then it comes up and you'll cross that bridge when you get to it. If you're writing under your real name, they may just find you on their own. Or maybe they've known all along.

6. Truth sandwich.

The truth sandwich has been , in my personal experience, the most effective news delivery system. I carefully plan my timing so that it coincides with something great that has happened and lead with that. I throw the blog in the middle, and end with more good news. It should look a little something like this:

YOU: Dad, I got a new job!
--DAD: That's great honey? When do you start?
YOU: I'm not sure yet. I hope I still have time to put into my blog!
--DAD: .........
YOU: And I finally decided to get a gym membership!

Start on a positive, end on a positive.

Note: there is also the open faced sandwich method: start with really bad news and then mention the blog. The bad news doesn't have to be true, you just need to be able to put the blog news into perspective for them:

YOU: Mom, I think I hit someone with my car.................................... just kidding I'm a blogger.

Be prepared for:

  1. The eye roll
  2. "How do you have time for that?"
  3. "How do you plan to monetize?"
  4. Grammatical critiques
  5. "What's a blag?" from grandma
  6. "Ha! What... next you're going to tell me you're a ______!" statements

*    *    *

Oh boy, I'm ridiculous lol. Sometimes telling people that you have a blog is met with a little push back and general disinterest. This can really suck when you've put a lot into your site and the people closest don't want to keep up with it. I hear it gets more intense when you leave a "regular" job to blog full-time; so power to those ladies and gents who have to make THAT announcement. 

6 ways to break it to your friends and family that you've been hiding this little secret from them...
  • What responses have you received when you've "come out" as a blogger?
  • What are some other comical ideas for sharing scary news?
  • How do you handle your blog-haters? What about if they're close loved ones?

Katie Dickinson

I'm an avid traveler, who picked up this wonderful addiction while living and teaching in South Korea, and being able to travel everysix months.  Now back in the states, I've started feeling antsy and trapped, so I decided to spend 2016 visiting some popular US destination cities.... all on a non-profit worker's salary! It really is possible to travel on a budget, the key is knowing how!